Original Content on the Rise


By: Dannely Flores Kramer, Planning Director | Aug. 25, 2014

Original content is on the rise, and it is the new way to truly engage with consumers. Yahoo! just last month announced its intent to release two comedy series in 2015, and it’s no secret that “House of Cards” has turned out to be Netflix’s prodigy child. They all aspire to gain the stature of HBO, which has dominated original content creation. But the question is, will they succeed?

Nowadays, TV viewers have a wealth of options available to them, with some of the most appealing content coming via digital channels. Research done by eMarketer shows that online video viewership has gone from 6 minutes in 2010 to 55 minutes in 2014. The people that are watching TV content online place a premium on the ability to get original programming, and they are quickly growing online viewership.