Ecosystem Wars

By: Jorge Esteban, Sr. Copy Editor/Translator | August 25, 2014.

I’ve owned an iPhone since 2008. Since then, I’ve made countless song and movie purchases and thoroughly enjoyed every 2-year upgrade of my Apple devices. And like most consumers picking Android, Apple or Microsoft as their ecosystem of choice, I’ve been sucked into a platform that I don’t want to leave for fear of losing my media. As more and more consumers become aware of this tactic, should companies fear a tsunami of consumer backlash? This month, Consumer Reports called Amazon’s Fire Phone a device that “traps [its users] in Amazon’s retail world” by locking users out of popular Android apps and forcing them to only use Amazon features.

But do consumers even care? If you already pay for Amazon Prime and are hooked on free 2-day shipping, eagerly awaiting the chance to be one of the first people to have a drone deliver a package to your doorstep via Amazon Prime Air, perhaps it’s time to consider that Fire Phone or Fire TV with Amazon Instant Video…right after you place your nightly grocery order via Amazon Fresh.