Better Living Through Personalized Data

We stand at the threshold of a new era: harnessing individual data for an arguably better quality of life. From wearable technology that will truly make us healthier and happier, to the connected home that will save us significant time, energy and money, this is a human revolution in how we learn, evolve and seek to improve as individuals.

Now that processing speed and mobile technology can easily handle these complex data and tasks, everyday users will be much more attuned to how they live. Moreover, a properly functioning and secure home will soon be just a matter of having the right app. Technology is helping us streamline these critical aspects of our lives.

Marketers will inevitably gain access to this data, which goes well beyond today’s location and purchase behavior data from mobile device beacons. Having a much more comprehensive picture of how consumers are living day-to-day will present new and exciting opportunities to align our brand’s promise and product with the mindset and aspirations of our customers.


Luke Roberts, Strategic Planning

Jesse Echeverria, Community Manager


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