Spoiler Culture:

What is it? Wait, don’t tell me!

Spoiler Culture is the growing trend in which people choose to avoid certain media in hopes of not spoiling their favorite show, movie, book, etc. But what does this mean for consumers, and more importantly, what does it mean for advertisers?

First off, the instant dissemination of information means that endings, plot points and many other facets of entertainment are discussed worldwide and shared at an incredible speed. There is no longer a “spoiler grace period,” not when you can torrent everything, find plot summaries on Wikipedia the instant something is released or even binge-watch an entire season on Netflix. This causes this particular “culture” to avoid certain websites, social media, TV channels and publications altogether. Which means there are people purposely choosing NOT to look at your hard work because they don’t want to accidentally find out that Bruce was dead the whole time. And it’s not like you can just ask people not to reveal spoilers; it’ll happen no matter what.

This is a great opportunity for marketers and other industries to jump on this bandwagon and find ways to let the masses feel at ease when browsing their media. This could take shape in a number of ways, such as a simple keyword filter. These filters could even be sponsored, tying a brand directly to this very real, first-world problem.

Arturo Lee, Creative 


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