Cannes Report:

Learning to Trust Each Other

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We were happy to see more clients attending Cannes this year. Still, probably about 95% of attendees are still coming from the agency side. Creative festivals have the reputation of being just a creative showcase with little focus on the business side, a party for creatives with no room for “serious talk about business”. This seems to be shifting now at Cannes, where much of the creative was put in the context of business results.

A word that came up frequently was “trust”. We could not agree more. In our experience, the best work we have produced comes from a high mutual respect between our team and our clients. We don’t always speak the same language, but we always trust each other’s point of view. This trust leads to the most productive discussions and ultimately yields the best work. Trust does not necessarily mean immediate agreement, but when we can have a respectful open communication with each other about what creativity means for both client and agency, we can get to a more fertile territory for more relevant work that moves the business forward.
We particularly found this survey interesting, as it shows how this discrepancy is still there but, on the positive side, it provides ideas on how we can work together to create amazing work that leads to even more amazing business results. It can be done. But it starts with trust: trust within our teams and trust between client and agency to achieve a common goal.  
And yes, you can get the business results AND the lions.
Here’s the summary of the survey: