Special Report from Cannes:

The Sky Is No Longer the Limit

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Technology moves at such a pace that it almost becomes impossible to keep track of. Every day, something new surprises us. It is, at times, overwhelming but challenging at the same time. You want to keep up, you want to learn constantly and you want to incorporate this new technology into your life.
As marketers, even when we’ve done and/or seen things that are innovative, the most amazing part about technology and marketing is that ideas seem to give a meaning to the technological advancements out there. They almost help us “get” why something works a certain way.
This year at Cannes, we were amazed to see some innovative technology put to work to facilitate a great idea. Or is it that the idea brings technology to life?
Check out these cool ideas that deservedly won a Lion this week. There’s never been a better time to be in advertising. 

Luciana Gomez, Chief Relationship Officer
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