We Are Human after All

Marketing is taking a turn to “the good”. The good ideas, that is. Good ideas that make you feel good about your brand choices.
This is looking to be the most human Cannes Festival ever. Predictions already show many campaigns that are more humanitarian than just a simple joke. Less shallow, more meaningful. Closer to people’s hearts than their wallets.
Here are some picks of these campaigns that are winning with people already, including our own “Mutt bombing” for Dallas Pets Alive, a contender at the festival this year. 

Are we walking away from the frivolous reputation advertising once had? Are we becoming more human? I want to think so. But not to worry, we will always have the after-hours beach parties to take us back (if only for a couple of hours) to who we were as an industry not so long ago.
We will be reporting regularly from Cannes via Twitter and Instagram (@dieste and @dieste_inc).

Luciana Gomez, Chief Relationship Manager
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