El Sol:

Behind Closed Doors

Creativity festivals are a big part of what we do as advertisers. Beyond the glitz and glamour that inevitably come with winning, the work discussed and recognized sets new standards and dropkicks old paradigms into oblivion. As part of an experiment, I recently had the chance to be part of a jury at the 2014 El Sol de Iberoamérica. For three days, some of the world’s top creatives (and my silent self) discussed the best work Iberoamerica had to offer.
What I learned was simple: Although it won’t make it or break it, effectiveness is starting to play a more important role in what is considered creative. Innovation in media is not just about new media; hardware and inventing new products is now becoming normal. But, in the end, a simple and well-executed idea told in an interesting way is still what it is all about. Here is some of the work that I saw that made me jealous, like really.

Raúl Méndez, Copywriter
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