Nissan knows

As reported in AdAge, Nissan North America kicked off a Spanish-language ad campaign today to capitalize on twin opportunities: global mania for the World Cup soccer championship, and Nissan’s own popularity among U.S. Hispanic consumers. The ads will run on TV and social media, featuring high-energy Hispanic soccer fans playing soccer, watching the World Cup games and driving Nissans. Nissan is working on the assumption that soccer is more closely followed by Latino and European consumers than by the average American household, though we’re sure that will not be the case for long. Nissan marketing managers want to use the world soccer games now being played in Brazil to drive traffic to Nissan’s Spanish-language Facebook page and Web site. Those sites began playing up World Cup fever last month, encouraging visitors to intermingle their experiences with soccer and Nissan cars, upload soccer videos and obtain World Cup-related bumper stickers and other Nissan/World Cup paraphernalia. It’s a world-class, World Cup fit.