Last year the selfie craze heightened into an international obsession that earned the term the honor of being Oxford Dictionary’s word of 2013. Thanks to Samsung’s Oscars selfie stunt, the word is now dominating marketing vernacular. Since consumers remain skeptical of overt advertising and favor suggestions from friends, brands are disguising the use of selfies in campaigns as a peer-to-peer recommendation tool. Instagram has organically become the most viable mobile fashion commerce platform; indeed, the many style bloggers who helped transform the app into a gallery of outfits now tend to prefer it over traditional blogs. Calvin Klein’s latest social media campaign, #mycalvins, taps into the Instagram influence. The brand enlisted 100 influencers – both celebrities and regular people – to show themselves off in a pair of classic CK underwear. Followers were encouraged, with the cheeky line “show yours,” to use the hashtag for an opportunity to be highlighted on the brand’s website. Slightly suggestive undies selfies abounded, generating huge amounts of brand engagement and free advertising.