The Mapping Craze

Not long ago, maps were only used for geographical purposes. However, in the era of big data, maps are used to compare all sorts of facts (political affiliations, poverty levels, health, brand preference, interests, etc.). Data maps have become extremely popular because they appeal to people who feel they are defined by where they live, as well as by those who don’t.

In addition to being informational, data maps can influence behavior and preference. For example, does living in one of the healthiest cities in the U.S. encourage you to become more fit? Do you proudly drink your state’s preferred beer, or do you stay away from it because you don’t like to follow the crowd? Top brands also use data maps to understand purchase behavior down to the store or zip code level.

In short, mapping is a powerful, informative and visual way of comparing data and telling a story. No wonder it’s taking the Internet by storm.

Alejandro Martinez, Market Intelligence Strategist