Racial Profiling

We stumbled across a portrait series by photographer Carlos Alvarez Montero that features Mexican influencers in both the United States and Mexico. Its title, “Racial Profiling” makes for a clever double entendre for the multicultural experience that so pervades the lives of Millennials. It’s interesting to see how, in two cities— New York and Mexico City— separated by nearly 2,800 miles, the two cultures seem almost as one, or at least very much at peace with one another. Without the captions, you’d be hard-pressed to know which photo came from NYC and which came from DFC. Is there some sort of cross-culture telepathy going on? Something more direct (Internet)? Something more universal (style transcends)? Or is it that we’re simply not as far apart, culturally, at its base, as some in the media might make us out to be? While some core differences will certainly always remain, perhaps there is more in common than we suspect. Maybe by better understanding multicultural Millennials, we’ll be better able to understand ourselves.