Live TV Still Draws a Crowd

The future of TV has centered mostly on the introduction of new devices and technology. Certainly, most of the innovation we see today has been driven by tech evolution and how content is being consumed. It is less typical to hear the conversation focused on the type of content delivered and how some content – like news, sports and reality shows – are still best viewed live. These types of content have a very immediate expiration date (unless you’re talking about New Jersey bridges or disappearing planes).

It’s 2014 and a World Cup year. So it’s difficult to find any other content, digital or not, that can match watching an international game live on TV. It just gives that special sense of being at the right place at the right time. For many of us, that’s in front of a live TV broadcast with our family and friends. This makes live TV feel more like an event or an occasion we look forward to enjoying together.

Francisco Cardenas, Director of Digital Strategy


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