The Party Is Over. Now What?

Today, many refer to SXSW as one of the biggest adult spring break parties in our industry. Truth be told, if you really want to get something out of it, it’s quite exhausting. Like every year, Dieste was there with eyes wide open. The phrase “the next big thing,” if at all mentioned, was only to make the point that there wasn’t really any “next big thing” this year.
The conversation was more about what to do with “Big Things” that were previously launched at SXSW — best practices, uses, case studies, market adoption, etc. The future of the festival was a big topic; even part of the press was focused on the festival losing its edge. Startups and bright adventurous entrepreneurial spirits that once flocked to Austin now consider the event overpriced and a place for bigwig CMOs, CEOs and CCTFUOs to mingle and stay up to date.  
But not all is lost. There are definitely some great takeaways from #SXSW14, from the use of Big Data to wearable technology to the use of social platforms, even for the greater good.
Here are a few points that struck the right chord with us:


Brand vs. Consumer Loyalty

Communities inside Communities

Kevin Bacon’s  One-Degree of Separation


Francisco Cárdenas, Director of Digital Strategy
Valentina Sulbarán, Sr. Copywriter