Inspiring Change in 2014


Thanks to Sheryl Sandberg, we learned how to “lean in.” Thanks to Anne Marie Slaughter, the debate over whether a woman can “have it all” was revisited. Both women and their beliefs about today’s feminism have incited heated discussions. And you can say what you will about their efforts, but at least they #InspireChange.
You might not have known that Saturday was International Women’s Day. Most people do not celebrate it here in the U.S., but those who do have taken a new approach, as well as different perspectives than the aforementioned trailblazers. One project even gives you an ugly glimpse into the horrors of domestic abuse #throughglass.   
With all of the different frames of reference, the questions remain: Who are today’s feminists? What issues are most dear to them? And how will you be inspiring change for women this year?

Meredith Moon, Copywriter, Cultur8