Going Beyond Native Measuring Tools.

We all know that Ellen DeGeneres is a born natural at hosting and being genuinely hilarious. She broke records this weekend with her star-studded selfie at the Oscars and made Twitter fall into another ‘fail whale’ service outage. When measuring your brand’s social media, you want to be just as on top of your game as Ellen is on her hosting, but sometimes that does not come naturally, or in this case, natively. Many stick to the basic tools that live natively within platforms, i.e., Facebook Insights. You quickly realize that you cannot solely rely on this type of information. Not only can it be untimely and unreliable, but it also needs checks and balances in place to ensure the complete picture is being painted. Having various methods and tools available definitely aid that process. Here is a list of some beginner, as well as a few advanced, listening tools and apps to help you see the big “selfie” picture.