Real Time Marketing.

Sometimes saying nothing is what gets you into the most trouble (example: not wishing your spouse a Happy Anniversary (trust me on this)). If you’re a brand, saying nothing can get you absolutely pilloried, particularly in social media and particularly over a politically hot-button topic such as the Russian anti-gay laws that, to many, have become the focus of the Sochi Olympics. Brands that take the tried-and-true approach of staying above the fray are finding that, at least in the world of always-on, always-chattering social media, where everything is amplified and reposted, the fray will come and find them. It’s a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation; a minefield that requires marketers to have a firm grasp on the reigns of their brand’s place in the world and a clear vision of where it should be taken. Just be careful where you step.