An interesting story, told from the first-person perspective, of how a soon-to-be-retiring father wants to live life like his Millennial son when he does: “I was sitting on the beach with my friend Dale, a 62-year-old hospital administrator, successful by every measure. He described what he was going to do in a few years when he retires. ?I?m going to wake up when I want and take a long bike ride,? he said. ?Then I?m going to read. I love to read. I?m going to finally learn to play the hammered dulcimer. And if I need a little extra cash, I?ll work a few hours a week as a physical therapist, which was my first career and first love before I got an M.B.A. and ended up herding cats.? Am I crazy, I thought, or is Dale describing Max?s life? My friend, who has everything, is working his tail off, making maximum contributions to his 401k and buying rental properties, so he can afford to have the life of someone who has none of the trappings of success.”