Single campaign a platform does not make. Once upon a time brands would compete for the most innovative print campaign, commercial spot, or hashtag in their respective industries. Each campaign existing in its own separate realm with maybe the occasional commercial that would include a hashtag. But it?s 2013, and single campaign platforms just won?t cut it anymore. Consumers are people with lives, and while they may engage with your commercial, event, or hashtag, that action is just a small bleep on the radar of their day. Which is why the most successful brands today will be those that use a platform that encompasses multiple points of engagement in concert to produce a coherent narrative. And we?re not talking copying and pasting content onto your different social media accounts, or a commercial with a cliffhanger that ends on your YouTube channel. We?re talking integrated platforms that intersect your targets? passion points on varying levels. Because once you stop disrupting a consumer?s life so they can see your brand, they?ll start living an experience with your brand. Mario Nguyên, Account Executive, Cultur8