Provoke Weekly 06/04 – Feeling creative?

Long has it been thought that creativity is reserved for those special right-brained people. It’s almost like a gift that the poor left-brainers could obviously never attain, thus being doomed to a boring, analytical existence. Well, not so fast. Recent studies from the field of neuroscience show that there is no such thing as a ‘creative gene.’ Basically, creativity is like running. When you first start, you’re constantly winded and don’t cover much ground. However after more and more practice, those original symptoms fade and it becomes easier ? although it will never be easy per se. The same holds true for creativity. So relax and start writing, designing, drawing, or working on whatever problem you need to solve. The future of creativity lies not just in the hands of the creative-types but also in anyone who puts their mind to it…or takes their mind off it.