Innovation ? Does It Still Have Meaning? Many of us remember telling others when we were kids, ?this is my name, don?t wear it out.? This was just general kid sarcasm, but it also got at a deeper point: If you use a name or a term over and over, how long until it loses its meaning? Ponder that for a second. Now think of a word we seem to use all the time in the world of marketing communications: Innovation. In a classical sense it means ‘the finding of a successful market for a new idea,’ but is that what is meant most of the time you hear someone use the word? Probably not. While we love progression, it would do us all some good to go a bit old school when thinking about ?innovation,? as you cannot have it without an invention. But you also cannot have it if you have not been able to discover an audience for that invention ? the two go hand-and-hand, and without both you are not being innovative, you are just thinking. Here are four recent inventions that went on to be innovative.