Nearly 10% of all voters in 2012 will be Hispanic, a 26% increase from four years ago. The sheer numbers make Latinos a decisive segment in the upcoming presidential election. Still, they have decided to take an even more active role to make their voices heard. Case in point was the Latino turnout for Daniel Valenzuela, who was running for city council representative in Phoenix, AZ. Turnout increased by 480% from the previous election, proving that Latinos can have the power to transform national politics. Latino voters were key in getting President Obama elected and now have the chance, once again, to make history. Now more than ever, they are concerned about issues such as job creation, education, affordable healthcare, and immigration reform. They have been alienated by Republicans and, at the same time, ignored by Democrats. Come election time, they will make sure to stand united and remind this country that they no longer consider themselves a minority, but an integral part of the new multicultural America. And that their vote counts