Our 100th Edition! To paraphrase the Post Office?Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night can stop Provoke Weekly from being published. Welcome to Dieste’s 100th edition of the weekly newsletter designed to keep you abreast of the cultural and technological changes shaping the marketing world today. Thank you for following and sharing Provoke Weekly, and a special thanks to Gabriela Gonzalez and Meredith Moon for their monumental efforts to not only get Provoke Weekly out, but to keep it fresh and relevant for nearly 2 full years. You can find all 100 editions on Provoke Daily, AKA Dieste.com, and be on the look out for new features and formats coming your way soon. To celebrate this 100th edition, Dieste has gathered 4 interesting Top 100 lists for your reading pleasure. Each one offers provocative insights into our country’s past, present and future. Happy 100, Provoke Weekly! And here’s to many more! Wegs, Chief Idea Officer