Grandparents are #1 in Hispanic parents’ trust circles. For parents who are Hispanic Adult Millennials or foreign-born Hispanics in their thirties, the most trusted figures in their lives are their own parents, but Grandparents are heavily involved the day-to-day care of Hispanic Adult Millennials’ kids. About three out of four are involved in Hispanic Adult Millennials’ daily childrearing. They are over 30% more likely than non-Hispanic Millennials’ parents to report being highly involved in these activities. And when it comes to childrearing information, Hispanic Adult Millennials trust their child’s Grandma more than the internet. More than half of Hispanic parents say they receive the most information about kids from their own parents. While young Hispanic parents do search for childrearing information online, less than 1 in 10 say the internet is their #1 source for this type of information. This means Hispanic Adult Millennials’ parents are heavy influencers in all things related to child-rearing. Hispanic grandparents are more likely to help out in the kitchen and with errands. Compared with their non-Hispanic counterparts, Hispanic Adult Millennial’s parents are 70% more likely to help with cooking and 27% more likely to assist with shopping.