Is Transparency in Business Possible? The Naked Brand, a movie released at the end of 2012 that began airing on cable in December of 2013, proposes that in today?s digitally connected world, advertisers can?t cover up for shoddy work or unethical behavior. Its thesis is that for businesses to succeeded, they must conduct and approach customers in a very different way: transparency. Businesses that behave with transparency at their core are formulating a relationship that goes well beyond multimillion-dollar marketing campaigns. Transparency establishes relationships that have a foundation built on trust and respect for the customer and world at large. In the movie, Unilever’s Chief Marketing Officer Keith Weed says it best, ?In the digital world, a brand is judged by what it says but more importantly by what it does.? Advertising can introduce a brand to new consumers but ultimately a brand is judged by how it acts.” The movie is available on iTunes, Amazon, and has aired regularly on Bloomberg cable. Giovanni Villamar, Group Account Director