Confessions of an Advertising Serial Killer (Not an Ogilvy Parody) In my short, wicked career collaborating with creatives, I?ve discovered one thing: we?re employed because we are serial killers. We kill because it forces better ideas to live. And not enough gets said about the importance of abandoning and killing crap. All ideas are trying to be crap. Basically, anything that needs craft, from the moment it starts, is trying to be really bad, uninteresting, boring, digressive, like these sentences I?m writing right here. So we torture. We torture ideas aggressively every step of the way to make things right. It is the only choice we have if anything is going to be good. Things that are good are good because creatives are being evil and tough. So next time you find yourself chasing or kidnapping an idea, don?t be afraid to kill. Kill and torture those innocent good ideas and don?t feel bad. After all, good ideas are great ideas? worst enemies. Jose Benitez, Copywriter