Be the star in a Hollywood production. For gamers, the season to be jolly kicked off last week with the release of the highly anticipated game Grand Theft Auto V. After 24 hours, the game had already grossed a record $800 million. In comparison, the biggest opening weekend worldwide for a movie was 2011’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow Part 2 with gross revenues of $480 million. Not only can its revenues easily compete with blockbuster movies, but at $265 million, GTA V trails only the $300 million production costs of Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End. So what does this mean to us? Well, Hispanics are over indexing in the use of digital and gaming devices. They are also more likely to buy games on the day of release. Yet, the number of blockbuster games with Hispanic main characters is almost non-existent. And while various companies have used product placement or partnerships, even more marketing possibilities exist, especially since they offer a more interactive experience than movies. The blockbuster games also have the potential to create a higher frequency of impressions than movies. The links below give a better understanding of the current gaming landscape and ideas about how to capitalize on this new marketing opportunity. Remy Smit, Planner, Cultur8