Best-in-Class Use of Videos by Brands. Social media and its sharing capabilities have changed how we connect to the world. First came photos, then videos, and now snapshot videos from Vine and Instagram. After the launch of these short-form video platforms, videos are becoming essential for marketers. Major brands are quickly experimenting and creating content on these new video platforms to engage with the consumer and amplify their message. A short video format offers a quick yet engaging way to make relevant impressions on a captive audience. Both platforms have the same concept, but Vine has 6-second videos vs. Instagram’s 15 seconds and pre-set artistic filters. Besides their differences, these snapshots add more dynamism than a picture and less commitment than a YouTube video. Successful brands are those who quickly adjust to emerging social media tools, to continue living their brand promise, such as the case of Lowe’s and other great examples below. Lucia Lopez, Brand Leadership