Search vs Social. If a cyberspace detective had to read through the last 12 months of tech news and had to determine which are the largest drivers of inbound traffic to web sites based on the frequency of news coverage, the answer would probably contain the words Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. Organic search would not even be on the radar. Social—not to discount its value—serves many great purposes, such as engagement, peer recognition or validation, and sharing. But when it comes to driving traffic, organic search still commands the largest share of incoming leads, which means that SEO and high-quality scores still remain the #1 priority for driving site traffic. So if you’ve recently found yourself asking whether your brand should jump on the Pinterest-Facebook-Instagram-Google+ bandwagon in an attempt to increase customer acquisition, or whether you should increase your efforts and presence on any and all social sites, you are not alone! But here’s one simple rule to keep in mind before the social frenzy takes up more of your time than it should: to grow your online presence, you first need a comprehensive SEO strategy. Once you’ve taken care of that, by all means reach out to social… you’ll be pleasantly surprised then to see that social and search are intimately intertwined. Alice Ovadia, Strategic Planning Director