Video is essential for brands. Brands today have to bridge between selling and keeping their customers engaged. Stories that both engage and drive sales are told across many interconnected media, but video storytelling is growing the fastest. YouTube has long been the most popular video platform, but as proven by Microsoft’s Vine and more recently Instagram video posts, there is a growing appetite to create and consume micro-sized video content alongside longer-form content. Online video users are projected to double to almost 2 billion by 2017. So the question isn’t whether you are going to start producing more video content, but rather what that video content will be. Ideally, it’s a combination of short-form content that will energize and inspire consumers to find your long-form content, which tells your brand’s purpose-inspired story. As broadband and cellular data speeds continue to increase, video will become more ubiquitous to meet this voracious appetite for content. Pretty soon if video content isn’t part of your story, you won’t keep visitors there for long…lights, camera, action! Luke Roberts, Senior Strategic Planner