The death of channel surfing. Cable service has been the United States’ umbilical cord for decades. However, a revolution has begun as a wave of trendsetters cut ties with their providers. According to Zachry Floro’s infographic, a staggering 30% of people have already cut the cable cord and ditched their cable provider. These trendsetters have made this intimidating switch for various reasons: expensiveness of cable, abundance of ads, inconvenience of content, limited variety, and quality of alternative options. Most “cordcutters” begin the process by investing in Internet services like Hulu and Netflix. Both of these services are less than $10 a month and allow you to access a wide variety of television programs and movies in their respective libraries. In addition, various streaming media devices provide easy access to countless online options that can be streamed to any television. Smart advertising techniques are now being used to adjust to this new trend. For example, Target and Nieman Marcus, the sole sponsors of ABC’s hit drama, Revenge, created clever spots that will run on, Hulu, or even any video-on-demand system. Dieste’s Strategic Planning Department