Wearable technology. An exciting new gadget category that’s practically here! The very first iPhone combined three popular devices in one: an iPod, a smartphone and an Internet communicator. This evolution now continues, as wearable technology aims to combine more recent, popular devices. Many of the ‘smart watches’ being developed combine your activity tracker with a secondary display connected to your phone, while Google’s Glass combines a camera and a tiny display above your eye with a voice and touch interface, also powered by your smartphone. Another appealing aspect of wearables is their lightweight and fashionable form factor. Since they piggyback on your super-powerful smartphone, the design has fewer components and therefore less bulk. Those of us not fully geeked-out on function will likely still want these ‘appcessories’ for their aesthetics and cool factor. In fact, ABI Research predicts that by 2015, 485M wearable devices will be shipped each year. Wearables will ultimately lessen the amount of time we spend on our smartphones by providing more immediate feedback and access to information. That means fewer distractions and getting back to living life. Expect new categories of apps and interactive experiences to emerge, as wearables will undoubtedly change the way we access, capture and share content on-the-go. Luke Roberts, Senior Strategic Planner