Math wins! On Election Eve, the Number Crunchers Pounded the Pundits There was more than one election eve showdown, and here was final score: Math 1, Pundits 0 Yes, the entire Punditocracy and its bevy of “gut feel” bloviators were shown up on election day by a pack of pencil pushing geeks. Leading the way was Nate Silver, the New York Times political “Moneyball” blogger, whose methodology is a seven-step process calculating polling averages, simulations and error analysis to make remarkably accurate predictions. Attacked on-air by Joe Scarborough of the MSNBC show Morning Joe as an “ideologue” and a “joke,” in the end, it was Silver who had the last laugh, as the so-called media “experts” were left scratching their heads as to how Silver could run the table and correctly predict the outcomes of the races in all 50 states. Perhaps former President Clinton put it best when he said that Obama would win the election due to simple “arithmetic.” An ironic statement, since Mitt Romney is a proven numbers guy. Yet, it was the Obama camp of Messina, Plouffe and Axelrod who masterfully made the math work for them. In this edition of Provoke Weekly, we’re not taking the side of any candidate or party, but we are big time fans of big data, and the way we use it to help our clients win in the marketplace. One, two, three….Go Math! Wegs, Chief Idea Officer