Save water, hold your nose. A recent study published by the 2030 Water Resource Group shows that in approximately 20 years, global water need will be 40% above current accessible supply. And it’s no wonder. Just take a look at some simple examples: * In the US, the average person uses approximately 2,000 gallons of water a day. * Five beverage companies consume, over the course of a year, enough water to supply the daily water needs of every person on Earth. But you don’t have to stop drinking your cold beer or resist your craving for a crisp, cold soda. Instead, tons of companies around the world are developing water-efficient products, and others are working on some ideas to save water in an innovative way. Quite frankly, some of these initiatives sound more like a stunt but… hey, if they will save water, we are all about it. Carla Eboli – CMO In the end, it’s all water. According to the Brazilian initiative “Xixi No Banho” (“Pee in the Shower” in Portuguese), you can save more than 3 gallons of water a day with this simple change in your behavior. 73% of the people who visited the website said yes to the idea. What about you? Don’t feel lonely in the shower. Unilever, one of the world’s largest consumer product makers, launched a controversial online ad campaign that urges college students to shower with a friend or “an attractive stranger.” Showerpooling is an idea to conserve water and, according to Unilever, the initiative—if adopted for one year around the world—will save 29 trillion gallons of water. It might, however, increase the population growth. Wash your jeans less. At the beginning of this year, Levi’s launched WaterLess jeans. It’s a line that, according to the company, uses up to 96% less water than regular jeans in the manufacturing finishing process. This line alone has saved 172 million liters of water so far. Levi’s also encourages users to save water by washing their jeans once every two weeks and to go shower-less once a week. Good luck with your girlfriend. Mission possible. The Australian initiative, Save Water, developed “Mission H2O”, a game in which players’ task is to help the Wilson family conserve water. Winners can take home prizes and make their scores public through the website. It’s a fun way to teach kids and teens how to conserve water.