It’s a Swiss Army knife world. The growth of versatile products has allowed everyone to get greater use out of a single item. It may also be the new standard. Consumers have a growing expectation for things to be multifunctional, whether it’s a cell phone case taser or a bag that transforms into a chair. This new wave of multipurpose products may be fueling a multitasking mindset, which continues to grow. However, the jury is still out on a perfume that doubles as insect repellent. Dieste’s Strategic Planning Department A computer that helps you multitask. All computers are multifunctional, but this one actually helps you simultaneously complete tasks. The new insect repellant? This perfume smells good and keeps the bugs away. Multi-device multitasking. Consumers are using their phones while watching TV to get things done or to enhance their entertainment experience. Umbrella phone charger. Don’t just sit in the sun; use this solar-powered umbrella to charge your phone so you can continue to work outside.