Surely you’ve seen it by now. Or heard it. Or maybe even danced to it. “It” is the smash viral hit “Gangnam Style” by South Korea’s irony-meets-comedy rapper Psy (short for psycho). As of this writing, the official video has over 420 million views, and that’s not counting the views on knock-off copies of the official video (one of which has over 25 million views). It’s a legitimate worldwide phenomenon. The Korean Wave Research Institute said: “Of all the videos that surpassed 300 million views on Youtube, Gangnam Style is the first to continue hitting 10 million views per day. This record is unlikely to be beaten. The Gangnam Style video will surpass 1 billion views on YouTube and that this record will be unlikely to be broken in the next ten years by any other video including Psy’s future releases.” They might be a little biased, but the rapidity by which Gagnam Style broke through the charts is astounding. The video, after all, was only released less than three months ago on July 15. Today, everyone– and I mean everyone, worldwide– is dancing to it. That’s a big impact, Gangnam Style.