Millennials get real. Gone are the days when brands persuade consumers to buy their products by portraying unrealistic or highly aspirational images. Millennials are increasingly seeing the world in terms of real and fake, and want to buy something real from a company that is genuine, and more importantly, that engages them in a more personal way. Dieste’s Strategic Planning Department Teens against unattainable perfection. Teens are stepping up in a fight against magazines for using digitally altered or unrealistic images of young women. They want magazines to “celebrate beauty in all its forms.” Living within their means. Technology has empowered Millennials to share more and own less – bringing them utility and some relief to their cash-starved wallets. Hispanic Millennials want fresh and organic. While Hispanic Millennials are expanding their flavor palette, they still remain adamant about cooking with natural and fresh ingredients they consider to be authentic. Beyond just fluff. Millennials crave more meaningful interactions from brands. Plus, they are looking for real and tangible benefits from them.

Gabriela Gonzalez, Sr. Strategic Planner