We all know the story: boy meets girl (or girl meets boy, or boy meets boy, or girl meets girl), boy falls in love with girl, boy agonizes over girl, girl finally reciprocates, and boy ends up living happily ever after with girl. That was complicated enough when one’s social circle involved a few tens of friends. However, since this wonderful interconnected world we live in allows us to expand our circle to hundreds or sometimes thousands of acquaintances (despite efforts by Google+ and Facebook, I refuse to think of everyone on my lists as friends), navigating the romantic waters to find your other half becomes a daunting task. Just the possibility of the endless connections that may exist as your friends introduce someone into the circle makes the task downright impossible. It’s ironic that we turn to the Web, culprit of this social predicament, to help us define with whom exactly we want to share, if not our whole life, at least a few moments of it.