Tracking the Sun.

People love a good long tracking shot. It’s an art form that’s been explored to memorable effect in feature films and advertising for years. So, when British newspaper The Sun hatched the idea to do a single take spot, they knew that they needed to raise the bar. And by raise the bar, they meant lower it. That is, create a spot that looks like an eye-popping feat of precision planning and camera work, but that, on closer inspection, winks at itself with some purposefully clunky transitions. There are more obvious scenic lacunae–for example, where the actor walks into the back of the truck and emerges from a phone booth and the impossibly seeming recovery from a fall from scaffolding–as well as harder-to-spot gems, like a stunt man in the wall-crashing scene, who is considerably more petite than the actor he’s replacing. All-in-all, in a category that’s normally staid and dull, this is finally a newspaper spot you can enjoy before the whole printed press industry is killed by the Internet.