As a Millennial, advertisers persistently target and tempt me with
technological advances and innovative design. Temptation, however,
rarely leads to purchase… I’m a student, and I can’t afford to buy
anything. So why do brands waste money trying to foster my loyalty when
a shinier, newer innovation will seduce me tomorrow?

My parents, on the other hand, are always buying the “toys” I really
want. That’s not surprising, though, since boomers comprise 25% of the
U.S. population and 40% of spending – more than any other demographic.
However, as the target of only 5% of ad spending, they feel that
advertisers alienate them. Boomers are used to brands chasing them and
want to see ads that specifically target them. Marketers wrongly assume
that ingrained brand loyalty or technophobia makes ad spending
frivolous, or that boomers have the desire to follow youth trends, but
research suggests otherwise.

When my coveting shifts to purchasing, I’ll remember how much I wanted
my dad’s tablet or the skin-care line that leaves my mom’s age a
mystery. Those brands will be the first place I look.