Demographically. Culturally. Technologically. Creatively. America is always reinventing itself.
Moving forward, the changing face of America is becoming more more multicultural. And at Dieste,
we find that exciting. Because 1 + 1 = 3. The old, the new and the fresh combinations that they make
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Emoji for the Win

By: Lina Zia, Guest Contributor Emoji is a global visual shorthand utilized by Millennials to communicate in our fast-paced, technological world—so fast paced in fact that there have been two huge emoji developments as of late.  And it’s no surprise that one of the oldest and largest global brands, Coca-Cola, is using this language to target Puerto Rican youth. Last week they announced their latest way to spread happiness using the .ws domain (which they interpret as “We Smile”) as the tool for their Puerto Rican campaign. The suffix .ws allows emoji to be registered in web addresses, since they…

Obama. You Too?

  By: Francisco Cardenas, Director of Digital Strategy, @chitocardenas On January 22nd, two days after the State of the Union (#SOTU) the President’s first scheduled interview was the YouTube live stream with the platform’s famous content creators Bethany Mota, Hank Green and Glozell Green. This move from President Obama was highly criticized mostly from the Fox News The Kelly File claiming that this could have been beneath the dignity of the office, or even sarcastically put the “D list Hollywood after party.” Although this criticism is valid, the critics might have failed to recognize the over 3 million views the…

RadioShack: From Super Bowl to Super Broke

  By: Jesse Echeverria, Community Manager, @jesseechev So, it’s February and how many of your New Year’s resolutions have you kept up with? Can you admit that the new treadmill and Fitbit are only there as a constant reminder of your too-busy-to-run lifestyle? Well, just like investing in a treadmill or fancy pedometer isn’t going to help you with any weight goals by magic, spending millions on a Super Bowl ad isn’t going to help you automatically increase revenue and bump up profits. Funny to think that only one year ago RadioShack had its ‘80s Classic Rock Super Bowl 60…

On Diversifying Silicon Valley

  By: Meredith Moon, Copywriter, @cirque_luna Working at Dieste in Hispanic marketing, we constantly read about how Hispanics overindex in mobile and digital technology usage, but we never read about them creating those mobile and digital platforms they are so prone to use. Silicon Valley is a notoriously homogenous place. Less than 5% of workers are Black or Hispanic and women represent less than 20%, according to the NPR article sourced below. Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg has brought some light to this situation, but mainly for her demographic category. And according to this op-ed in the New York Times, even the minority…

Snapchat Discover’s Not-So-Social Premium Content

  By: Jesse Echeverría, Community Manager, @jesseechev I could not get off Snapchat last night. Well, it was more like I could not stop using the new ‘Discover’ feature. I was reading up on where to escape to in 2015 in Nat Geo articles, watching Comedy Central skits I actually found hilarious and exploring through Warner Music Group music vids. I definitely forgot I was on Snapchat and that I had Netflix running. Partnering brands do have the obstacle of having their ads come off as static. There is no sharing or connecting with brands. Maybe after seeing initial reactions, Snapchat…

Disney: The Ultimate Multicultural Story

By: Francisco Cardenas, Director of Digital Strategy @chitocardenas Being exposed to the work we do at Dieste, Inc., one of the top multicultural advertising agencies in the U.S., I could not help noticing, while on a recent Disney vacation, how their stories are written and told. They go beyond geographical borders, ethnicity, age and educational backgrounds – heck, if aliens were to stop by, they would surely be captivated by the magic of a Disney story. They are the true storytellers of a world where everything connects and makes sense through magic. Their stories are simple and insightful, told in a…

“Lucas, I Am Your Father”- Disney

By: Francisco Cardenas, Director of Digital Strategy @chitocardenas After the acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney in October 2012, there has been great speculation of what’s next in the over three-decade-old Star Wars story. Today, there’s great controversy about how the next three movies will be launched. As we’ve written in other Provoke Daily articles, there’s no doubt Disney has been an avid adopter of new technologies to tell their stories. With Star Wars, however, the apparent need to build expectation has drawn the new launch away from digital outlets, somehow blocking extreme fans of the franchise from their common conversation playground:…

Stories To Go

By: Francisco Cardenas, Director of Digital Strategy @chitocardenas Nothing has changed. A good story is good whether told face to face, on paper, whispered or through animated pictures or film. As mobile device adoption grows, Disney has not overlooked this opportunity to keep telling its magical stories and has adopted the device at a fast rate, generating great results for the company.

Not Thinking Tech Yet? Pray for Forgiveness

  By: Julia Estacolchic, Group Account Director It’s no secret that technology is now an integral part of our marketing efforts as technology, its benefits and the tools it provides are baked into business, marketing and advertising plans. In today’s world, it would be considered a marketing sin for an idea to be thought out, developed or implemented without the notion of marketing technology. Nowadays technology touches more than just techies, and it doesn’t limit itself to technological implementation. Technology is critical to the growing role of data within marketing, and it provides business intelligence to make educated planning decisions…

Marketers Take Over CES

  By: Julia Estacolchic, Group Account Director The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show experienced a 9% increase in marketing attendees YOY. The new products revealed at the conference reflect how and where people will spend their time, which, for marketers, translates into how to reach consumers in the months and years to come. See the full Provoke – Not Thinking Tech Yet? Pray for Forgiveness