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Moving forward, the changing face of America is becoming more more multicultural. And at Dieste,
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Live-Streaming, Millennials and the Future

Whether Twitter’s Periscope is a Meerkat killer is irrelevant now. Live-streaming mobile apps are making waves, and we are just moving into high tide. These apps allow you to watch and comment on live-broadcastings and have everyone from celebrities to politicians diving in. Let’s take a look at who may be using these apps and where marketers are seeing opportunities. Not long has passed since South by Southwest (when Meerkat was launched), but many see live streaming as a content experience too shiny to pass up on. HBO and Red Bull are some of the first brands jumping in, as…

Emotional Emoji

By: Francisco Cardenas, Director of Digital Strategy @chitocardenas As the Diary of Multicultural America, Dieste Inc is well aware of how culturally relevant emojis are and the role they play today in the communication landscape. Especially embraced by millennials, but by no means limited only to them, it is safe to say emojis are here to stay as a part of THE conversation. As we stated on our entry “We’re all in this together, until we’re not”, Apple at the time had announced the introduction of ‘Multicultural Emojis.’ Now that they are here, as we hinted to our readers, they’ve…

From Squirrel! to Meerkat! One App That Grabbed Our Attention

  By: Jesse Echeverría, Community Manager, @jesseechev Some of the biggest and greatest tech geniuses, digital revolutionaries, and app-pumping machines unite in the Lone Star State’s oasis of a capital, Austin, Texas, for a few days every year. SXSW, originally created to help give new musical acts exposure, has evolved tremendously in the last five years. The interactive portion, which has one of the most coveted passes in the advertising world, has officially come to an end. Now, whether you actually attended SXSWi, streamed into different talks using shiny, new Meerkat, or just followed event hashtags via Twitter, you can see…

The NEW Wearable Tech Products You’ll Want

  By: Mindy Shepperd, Assistant Account Executive, @minleighlove  The mix of technology and fashion has surpassed the “trending” period, and is now just a progressively increasing part of the industry as a whole. Last year I wrote about wearable technology that was emerging due to the increase in purchase and use of activity trackers. With women spending more in consumer electronics than men, and the prediction of fashion wearable tech product sales to reach 112 million units by 2018, it’s no wonder that more and more designers are jumping onboard and finding ways to add their spin on the needs and…

A Clutch That’s Clutch

  By: Mindy Shepperd, Assistant Account Executive, @minleighlove These clutches are not JUST the prettiest speakers you’ve ever seen (although that’s cool in itself)! They have the ability to stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth, have built-in speakerphones and can charge your phone. Oh, and it’s also a purse! The hard case clutch comes in three fun designs and features a large mirror inside. I don’t know about you guys, but this definitely fulfills my thought that life should have theme music…just sayin’. Official website: Stellé Audio

Crystal Clear Tracking

  By: Mindy Shepperd, Assistant Account Executive, @minleighlove In January, Swarovski teamed up with Misfit Wearables in joining the hi-tech fashion market. The Swarovski Shine collection brings a tracking crystal that can track users’ steps, measure calories burned and keep track of sleep patterns. The crystal is interchangeable between the nine fashion accessories such as watches, bracelets and pendants, and is waterproof. What a fun way to put some sparkle in your steps!  Official website: Swarovski

THE Apple Watch

By: Mindy Shepperd, Assistant Account Executive, @minleighlove The twelve-page spread of stark white advertisements features the five styles of the new Apple Watch beside European fashion houses and luxury brands in Vogue’s March issue. The Apple Watch will begin shipping this April, but Apple has been working on relationships with fashion elites since last September when they hosted an event during Paris Fashion Week. With apps, messaging, fitness tracking and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal screen, you’re sure to find something you love about this revolutionary way to stay connected.  

Channeling Cher Horowitz’s Digital Closet

  By: Mindy Shepperd, Assistant Account Executive, @minleighlove What millennial girl (oh, there are guys too, trust me) did not watch Clueless in awe of Cher’s closet? The answer is not one! Now you can have your very own “magic closet” with Stylebook, an app that allows you to basically have a handheld stylist for your very own closet. It has tools that allow you to create outfit layouts of your own, just like you would see in magazines, packing lists, calendars and an inspiration library. This app makes it easy to look your best every day, with what you already…

Tinder for Shopping

  By: Mindy Shepperd, Assistant Account Executive, @minleighlove With over 100 retail stores from high-end to high street, Mallzee allows you to shop in just one place: the palm of your hand! This app wants to be your go-to for fashion shopping needs as they provide features like blogger picks, trend of the week and sale alerts. “We think there is a wider market for people who want to look good but don’t want to spend huge amounts of time finding clothes and want to do it on the go,” says Mallzee CEO and co-founder Cally Russell. Saving time and money…

Wouldn’t you

  By: Mindy Shepperd, Assistant Account Executive, @minleighlove is a revolutionary idea that has been adopted by many fashion bloggers and fashion-savvy instagrammers. Started by Dallas-based Reward Style, it has allowed users to receive direct links, via email, to featured products just by signing up using their Instagram handle and liking their favorite styles, whether on their feed or not. No need to waste your time buscando y buscando when it comes to fashion! By connecting with these bloggers and social influencers, brands can gain a better understanding of what’s trending, as well as having another outlet to sell.