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Weddings + Tech = Match Made in Heaven

By: Erin Clark, Planning Director It’s spring time and love is in the air! And coincidentally tomorrow, April 28, 2017, marks my 10th wedding anniversary (love you, babe), so I’m feeling a bit nostalgic and love-struck. But, let’s go back in time a bit further to the 1960’s when it was considered the “norm” to settle down and get married at a young age. Needless to say, a lot has changed since then. Today, one-in-five Americans ages 25 and older have never been married, compared with just 9% in 1960. Technological, demographic & social changes are shifting consumer behavior, which…

See it. Touch it. Feel it.

By Danny Villanueva, Group Account Director “Sooner or later, everything old is new again,” Stephen King once wrote — an observation that’s never been truer than today. Case in point, far from being dead, vinyl records sales rose to $416 million last year, the highest since 1988, and artists like the Black Keys, Lana Del Rey and Beck are eagerly embracing the format. Instant Polaroid-like cameras have caught on among millennials and their younger siblings thanks to shops like Urban Outfitters. A new Pew survey shows that print books remain much more popular than books in digital formats. Old-school paper…

The Science of Shopping

While shopping has become easier for consumers, the continued advancement of how goods are bought requires retailers to dig below the surface and truly analyze purchasing patterns. More than ever, merchants and marketers are using data in order to learn and further drive dollar-spending both online and offline. Nordstrom leverages Pinterest  to pinpoint and track trending products and then uses signage promoting those goods in their brick and mortar stores. Designer Rebecca Minkoff is also ahead of the curve in utilizing data to enhance shopper experience with her “futuristic” stores’ use of RFID technology to keep an accurate tab of…

INFOGRAPHIC: ANA Masters 2015 Greatest Tweets

We are back with another quick visual –  this time from ANA Masters of Marketing 2015. Check out the infographic as we dive deeper into some tweets! Click image to view. Infographic contributors: Carla Eboli, Luis Sanchez and Gustavo Zapata Follow Dieste Inc., a multicultural advertising agency in Dallas, Texas, on Twitter,Instagram and Facebook and stay tuned to what’s new in the marketplace.           

Data Joins Creative at the DMA’s &Then 2015 Conference

Eduardo Rocha, Sr. Copywriter We joined hundreds of marketers from around the world at Direct Marketing Association’s &Then 2015 conference. Creatives, technologists, strategists and data experts shared insights, challenges and best practices in data-driven marketing. We came away with deeper insights into the interaction between data and creative. Taming the Unstructured Data Jungle If we accept that the role of data is to inspire great creative, we’re going to be seeing a lot of inspiration soon. That’s because shortly, multicultural marketers might benefit from data that lets them target their messages taking into account not just culture and language, but…

Virtual Reality Makes a Comeback in Marketing

By: Mary Gutierrez, Contributor Virtual Reality. Remember that? The concept was huge and originally thought to be a technology that would greatly enhance the gaming and marketing industries. Even though this was a big trend, the technology hasn’t been readily available to consumers. Virtual Reality has been around since the mid-1990s, but is now gaining more and more recognition with the marketing industry and is even said to be the next big medium for marketers according to Forbes. What is Virtual Reality? The whole idea of Virtual Reality is that the user is presented with a completely artificial and immersive…

E-readers Offer Untapped Potential for Hispanic Marketing

By: Michael Devine, Assistant Account Executive E-magazines and e-books now allow marketers to extend their reach toward Hispanics beyond the services that print and mobile advertisements can provide. These platforms allow companies to embed links into books, articles and advertisements to provide more information about their products. With Hispanics among those at the forefront of the e-reader market, this form of branded content is extremely underutilized by brands hoping to pioneer the way they see ads.   Hispanic usage of e-readers First, we’ll take a look at why e-readers may attract Hispanic consumers in the first place. It seems as…

Marketing to Hispanics with YouTube

By: Audrey Bell and Michael Devine, Brand Leadership With the constant technological advances of today’s world, it is especially difficult for brands to stay connected with consumers. This is why the majority of brands have created YouTube channels to show certain TV spots in addition to airing them on television. In fact, a new video is uploaded to YouTube by a brand every 18.5 minutes. This large influx of branded video content is being well received by consumers, with the monthly viewings of these videos from the top 100 brands on Youtube up 55 percent from last year. With its…

Why Brands Should Utilize Snapchat to Reach Gen Z

By: Audrey Bell, Brand Leadership When many people think social media, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the main platforms that come to mind. However, that list has recently grown to include Snapchat, the fastest growing social app in 2014. With the ability to show real-time images and videos complete with messages and drawings, Snapchat now has an estimated 200 million users. The majority of its users are between the ages of 13 and 24, making it the ideal social media app for reaching Generation Z. Carla Eboli, Chief Marketing Officer of Dieste, recently wrote an article about this unique generation….

Buyable Pins on Pinterest: Why Brands Should Target Hispanics Millennials

By: Mary Gutierrez, Creative Department Ever wanted to buy something you saw on Pinterest? Well, you’re in luck. According to Mashable, on Tuesday Pinterest officially announced that they will offer Buyable Pins for IOS phones this month—Android users will have to wait a bit longer. Now when you scroll your time away on Pinterest, you will be able to purchase some items you see. The Buyable Pins have a blue price tag and when you tap the pin it will direct you to a screen that says “Buy It” or “Pin It.” So, what does this mean for Hispanic marketing?…