Dieste at the 2016 U.S.H. Idea Awards

Several Dieste teams were recently recognized at the 2016 U.S.H. Idea Awards for their work on a variety of clients. Check out the campaigns below.



Gold: ‘My Martha’ for Dallas Pets Alive

‘My Martha,’ brought the muse, an Old English Sheepdog named Martha, of the Beatles’ “Martha My Dear” back to life in a campaign that aimed to encourage people to find their own Martha in rescue animals. Using #MyMartha, users were prompted to share the story of their very own furry companions.




Bronze: “Unnoticed” for Florida International University

Tasked with finding a way to bring HIV and HIV testing to the forefront of college students’ minds, the team created two radio spots that functioned as ‘experiments.’ The campaign aimed to demonstrate how easy it is to overlook HIV, just like the five different voices used in the spot for one character.




Shortlist: “Drunken Literature” for The Wild Detectives

The Wild Detectives, a bookstore and bar venue, wanted to stray away from the all too common and persisting myth about book stores and readers: they’re intellectual snobs! The team took a note from the business and mixed literature with alcohol. The result was Drunken Literature, books with a boozy twist.



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